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Becoming and working with a Volunteer Student Mentor (VSM)
The Student Mentoring programme offers new students the opportunity to meet a trained, experienced and successful student. If you are a new student, meeting up with a student mentor can help to give you confidence in your own abilities and enable you to adjust quickly to university level study. As a Student Mentor, you’ll be matched-up with a student – in their first year of studying at the institution – and meet for discussion sessions. These might be regular or even just as a boost before exam time. You’ll have the opportunity to pass on the help and advice you were given in your first year at university, as well as sharing the learning skills and study tips you’ve developed yourself. Most students find their first year of studying at school quite challenging, because so much is new. A student mentor can offer friendly, informal support and advice to help you get to grips with life as a high/college student.

Become a mentor

Resources for mentors

Student mentoring

The skills and attributes you’ll develop through mentoring activities will provide you with a range of positive attributes.
These will help you improve your employment prospects, and give you the confidence to become a thriving leader and mentor in the future.
We’ve developed a suite of practical and informative resources to assist you in your role as a mentor.
They range from handy templates to use during your sessions, to articles, websites and external resources with a wealth of information included.
Mentoring is a great way to connect students with a strong role model and source of guidance. Each mentor offers a unique skillset, their own perspective and a wealth of knowledge in an area relevant to their mentee.
+2347030658304 twergywhite www.iambezaleel.com.ng