Most times, rural children failed to carry on their education because of lack of motivation, ignorance about importance of education but most importantly poverty in the low-income and rural community. Study have shown that most children from low-income communities when presented with full educational support perform better that the privilege ones.

There are peculiar issues that impedes the attainment of Quality Education in the rural communities/low-income communities some of them are; lack of sufficient teachers, lack of libraries, inability of parents to buy books for their wards, distance of the school, insufficient or lack of instructional materials for teacher, lack of support system, lack of funding to run and maintain the schools, lack of learning materials, exclusion of disable children, lack of gender sensitivity, hunger and poverty, inability of a parent to pay some informal fees etc

Rationale for BACK2SCHOOL

The inequality in the distribution of social amenities is one of the main factors that stand as barrier for children in the rural communities, whether by birth or economic situation that has forced their parent to relocate.

According to Global Partnership for Education GPE; Despite dramatic improvements over the past years, progress towards achieving education for all has stagnated. In total, 264 million children, adolescents and youth were out of school for the school year ending in 2015.

Our target audience

We aimed at helping about 5000 five thousand out of school children in the low-income communities, aged between 5-17 return to school with your help and support.

We intend to cover the whole of the Akinyele local government but because of insufficient resources, we have decided to make it one community at a time.

Our aim for BACK2SCHOOL

14 million fewer primary school age children were out of school in 2015 across all GPE partner developing countries compared to 2002.

33% of adolescents of lower secondary school age were out of school in GPE partner countries in 2015 compared to 40% in 2002

19% of children of primary school age were out of school in partner countries in 2015 compared to 33% in 2002

We intend to reach more children in the rural communities with educational supplies to bring some of these children back to school. In some of these rural communities, female students are withdrawn from school once the issue of educational needs set in and they are use as assistance on their farms and local markets.

Communities we have touched

Likewise, In Moniya, 8 out of 10 children have no equal access to educational opportunities due to poverty, ignorant mindset about female education and lack of proper orientations. Through Tech Tutors and Authors, we organize educational supports/aids, town hall meetings, parent forums, training, mentorships channeled towards increasing the enrollment rate of out of school children. So far, 500 out of school children have been impacted, distributed 5000 units of educational materials, reoriented 100 parents. 70% of out of our identified school children have actively been re-enrolled while 85% of parents are now well educated about the importance of education. Despite this achievement, what we have been able to do could be considered as little as we have not been able to cover in totality our startup communities and we have the mind to reach several communities in Akinyele local government.

Educational Supplies needed for BACK2SCHOOL (Mobilizing for Education i.e. M4E)

Some of the material needed are as listed below, all of which are reasons why they cannot afford to continue sending their wards to school during one of our survey and town meeting about why rural children should go to school. The below are some of the materials which some of the parent listed as factors that has hinder them from releasing their children to go school. They are:

  1. School Uniform
  2. School Sandals
  3. School Bags
  4. Sweaters
  5. Writing materials
  6. Textbooks and Novels
  7. The school fees (Formal and informal)

We proposed to give scholarship to brilliant but indigent students, identified in some the community schools as the school fees payment only affects secondary school in Nigeria.

Why you should support BACK2SCHOOL Project:

  • Our record justified that our effort in bringing back students to school has paid off as our adopted schools has been experiencing increase in enrollment rate
  • The number of student that is out of school in Moniya community in Akinyele local government in Nigeria is overwhelming and by helping us you will be helping in reducing this ugly statistic. (Our initiative has identified well over 2000 students that are out of school and about 500 that will soon drop out of school if there are no support)
  • Our reach is well above 20,000 school aged students (5-17 years) in Akinyele local government.
  • We are currently the only NGO presently working on education in the rural communities in Akinyele local government.
  • Our approach of engaging the community is ethnographic in nature because we have chosen to live among the people.
  • We believe we can help you reach more people through your philanthropic projects and placing you trust in us.

Our achievement

  • We have been able to send about 55 out of school children back to school.
  • We have provided free teaching services to schools in some of the rural community schools.
  • We have impacted well over 20,000 students in the rural communities through our conferences in their schools and joint conferences in their local government.
  • Through TechCamp we have been able to train 121 children from the rural areas in computer application, design and programming. We just concluded the third version during December 2017 holiday.